Experience Dynjandi waterfall and the high, narrow winding backcountry roads of the Westfjord Highlands in a SuperJeep.

This journey will take us from Isafjordur through two different underground tunnels, across mountains and along beautiful fjords.
The thunderous waterfall Dynjandi awaits us in Arnarfjorður fjord. We will stop there for aprox one hour so you can hike up to the base of this majestic waterfall. The waterfall is clearly visible from the parking lot so you don’t need to hike if you don’t want to.
On our way back we will stop at Hrafnseyri cafe where you can buy coffee and cakes if you are interested and then drive by the farm Audkula, where there is a large colony of Eider Ducks during the breeding season. Who knows, maybe we will see King Eider in the nesting area. It’s very common to see Humpback whales in the fjord during the summer months.
If possible we will drive back across the mountains on either Hrafnseyrarheiði heath road or Álftamýrarheiði heath road that are only passable in the summer months. (if the mountain roads are not passable we will drive through the tunnels both ways)