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Privacy policy for Iceland backcountry travel

Came into force: 01.07.2018

Scheduled revision: 01.07.2019

1. General

In the operations of Iceland backcountry travel ltd. (hereinafter “IBC travel” or “the company”) is necessary to collect and process personal information about individuals.

The personal information the company holds may include existing and former employees of the company, its customers, both individuals and employees of customers (other companies) and other third parties that are required to interact.

This Privacy Policy provides for how IBC travel processes personal information in accordance with the GDPR and Icelandic Data Processing act No. 90/2018.

1.1 GDPR and Icelandic Data Processing law No. 90/2018

The Act on the Processing of Personal Information No. 90/2018 provides for how companies may collect, store and treat personal information in other respects. Apply the rules regardless of the form of information stored, such as electronic or paper form.

There should always be a lawful basis for processing personal information. Such collection must be made in a fair manner. Personal information may only be stored in a safe place and may not be granted to unauthorized persons.

IBC travel will take all necessary measures to ensure that there is always the legal basis to process personal information. In addition, the company will take the same steps to ensure compliance with the six principles laid down by the law. The principles are summarized as follows:
1. that personal information is processed in a fair manner;
2. that they are only collected for clear purposes;
3. that no more information is collected than is necessary;
4. that they are accurate and updated when necessary;
5. that they are not stored for longer than necessary;
6. to ensure the privacy of personal data with appropriate precautionary measures.

2. The core business of IBC travel

2.1. IBC travel –guided tours

The core business of IBC travel is about customer service, guided tours. Personal information processed about customers may e.g. be: Name, email, nationality, phone number and payment information. The basis for processing personal information with IBC travel as a tourism company.

The processing of personal information with IBC travel is aimed at enabling customers to trade with the company. The basis for processing is therefore paragraph 1 (b). Article 6 GDPR which means that the processing is necessary for the contractual relationship to which the registered member is a member or that the processing is necessary for the measures necessary to prepare a contractual relationship at the request of the registered person.

3. General procedures for the processing of personal data

The following procedures concerning the processing of personal data apply to the company:
• Only those employees who need it in their work should have access to personal information.
• All IBC travel employees are confidential about the personal information they handle in their work. That confidentiality remains if they leave the company.
• Employees shall never share personal information with unauthorized parties. This applies to other employees of the company or external parties.

4. Information to individuals

The goal of IBC travel is that individuals are aware that the company processes personal information about them and that they understand how the company uses information about them and for what purpose. In addition, IBC travel wants to ensure that all individuals understand how they can activate their rights. The right of individuals is to know whether the company processes personal information about them, in some cases individuals have the right to access the personal information IBC travel has on individuals, in addition to this, individuals may be entitled to have unreliable information corrected and limit the processing of personal data.

When such requests are received, IBC travel will take all necessary steps to ensure that the individual is who he/she says he/she is. The request shall be free of charge for individuals, and IBC travel will provide the above information within the time limit given in the processing of personal data act.

To contact IBC travel, send an email to info@ibctravel.is